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The Library publishes both hand-assembled zines and professionally printed books, including our biannual zines The Vineyard and x/y: a junk drawer of trans voices, as well as various themed projects throughout the year. Books are published as special projects between zine releases. 

In terms of what we publish, the Library seeks stories, prose, poetry, essays, and art that dare to look and dream beyond the humdrum expectations of our current bleak reality. Our goal is to publish work that helps to craft a radical vision of a more vibrant world, whatever that may look like to you

As a matter of principle, we only charge for physical books and actual real life merchandise to account for labor, printing cost ect and also hopefully getting to the point where we are making more money than we're losing doing this. There's no reason you should have to pay a fee to access a digital file of a book (or a movie, or an audiobook, ect.) ever, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a gormless huckster who would sell their own mother for a nickel. We are a library, and that means that nothing we publish will ever be behind a paywall again. 

Stories, their depth and their breadth and their magickal ability to heal and help, belong to the People. Stories unite us, and a people united can not be divided. A free marketplace of ideas can not exist within the shackles of an actual marketplace driven by profit and greed. 

Interested in submitting? Check out our guidelines and open calls HERE.

persephone with more leaves.png

Propagate: Fruits from
the Garden

For our second anthology, we were given the honor to partner with Western Michigan University's Office for Sustainability to print and produce Propagate: Fruits from the Garden. The book features poetry, nonfiction, and other work exploring ecological themes and our relationship to the land. Including the work of thirty-three creatives and edited by Ju Collins, Fritz Dries, and v.f. thompson, Propagate is both a battle cry and a love letter to the Earth, a grenade thrown in the face of Armageddon. Available to read online for here here or to preorder in our store here for physical release later this summer.

With the contributions of Tricia Knoll, Kostandi, Paul Hilding, Claire Thyne, Keiraj M. Gillis, Diane Funston, J. J. Stewart, William Doreski, Kathy Pon,Cassandra Caverhill, Robert Witmer, Svetlana Litvinchuk, John Winfield Hoppin, Katie Bausler, Irena Kaçi, Lawrence Winkler, Kiki Adams, J.J. Carey, Karen Pierce Gonzalez, Kushal Poddar, Zander Lyvers, Gurupreet Khalsa, Phyllis Green, Emery Pearson, Ivars Balkits, Lisa Lahey, Lori Litchman, Claudia Althoen, Didi Aphra, Skye Rozario Steinhagen, Zach Murphy, Daniel P. Stokes, & Emily Bright.


Trans Rites: An Anthology of Genderfucked Horror

The Library is thrilled (and chilled) to present our first anthology, Trans Rites: An Anthology of Genderfucked Horror, out out now in print from our store or on Amazon and available to read for free online here. This collection, edited by v.f. thompson and Fritz Dries, features a bazaar of bizarre tales of transition and transformation, beastliness and becoming. To embody transness is to change shape, to become something else. The theorist Judith Butler refers to the construction of gender as a process of ritual and naturalization. Hear our screams, our howls, our primal gibbering, our moonlight dances and our bleeding guts. 


Featuring stories by Lennox Rex, Thea Maeve, Alicia  Hilton, Ju Collins, Mave Goren, Michelle Jacklyn Miller, Madeleine Varley, E. B. Novetti, R.S. Saha, Mildred Faintly, C.C. Rayne, with poetry by Dillon Rae Oliver and cover art by Levi L.  

harvest dogs.png

Harvest Dogs by Fritz Dries 

There are memories planted out there, under the soil, churning and howling...

The Library is thrilled to present our second chapbook, the third collection from Ontario-based poet and laborer Fritz Dries. Tracing a life down into the dirt, into the root system of a crumbling agricultural dynasty, Harvest Dogs is a deep-throated growl of grief and growth, of heredity and working class heroism, of hot animal want.

Harvest Dogs is out now currently available to read free here on the site, and in print in our store and on Amazon.  


Go on. Throw yourself to the dogs. They're in the field, waiting.

The Vineyard

The Vineyard is our biannual unthemed zine, featuring a selection of writing and poetry fermented under the proper conditions and poured into a glass for your enjoyment. Issue #3 is available now, featuring work from David Harrison Horton, Austin Vetor, Daniel P. Stokes, Lennox Rex, James Croal Jackson, Tom Ball, & William Doreski, with cover art by Kelsey Bee.


Read Issue #1, Issue #2, and Issue #3 online for free, purchase a print copy here, or subscribe to all of our publications at our Patreon

Submissions are currently *closed* but will reopen in August for publication in September. 


x/y: a junk drawer of trans voices

 x/y originated in 2018, and ran for a total of eight issues before going on hiatus, with a special issue released in February 2020 at MBLGTACC. Now, the project has been resurrected under the banner of The Dionysian Public Library, fully rebooted and revitalized in a new biannual form and starting from a new Issue #1. x/y is a platform for trans and gender-nonconforming artists to share their writing and artwork, with each issue based around a specific theme. 

issue #2knowledge & mystery, is available to read online now, featuring the work of Callie Jennings, Bob McNeil, Cosmic Gardener, Mildred Faintly, Mave Goren, Aiko Magen, Jack Kehoe, Autumn Barkley, & Kelsey Kessler. 

Submissions are open now for issue #3, deconstruction & reinvention

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