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In addition to our print publications, The Dionysian Public Library also hosts live events, including d.i.y. music shows and theatrical performances, currently based in the West Michigan area. 

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Knock Knock, Boo-Hoo!: A Stand-Up Tragedy Show

knock knock final.png

Comedy and Tragedy have long been lovers, complementary flavors that mediate between different emotional states. This Bicycle Day, come on down to Knock-Knock, Boo-Hoo! and laugh until you cry.

Come commiserate as eight stand-up comedians compete for the audience's pity to decide who can tell the saddest sob story while making it the funniest. Each comic will step up to the plate and tell their tale of woe, competing for the coveted title of Meister of Misery and a fifty dollar cash prize. At the end of the show, the audience will decide who most effectively garnered their sympathies, and the losers will never work in this town again.

❖ Sarah Wooley ❖ Dale Torrey ❖ LaToya Jones

❖ Mireille Recchia ❖ Chris Sinclair ❖ David Phillips ❖ Austin Williams

❖ tba

The show will be held at 7:30 on Friday, April 19th at Waldo's Campus Tavern. Admission is pay-what you can.

'23-'24 Theatrical Season

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Full season overview HERE

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