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In addition to our print publications, The Dionysian Public Library also hosts live events, including d.i.y. music shows and theatrical performances around Kalamazoo, MI. As we expand, we hope to be able to spread out and host events in more locations. 

Casting Call for Much Ado About Nothing

We are currently seeking actors (or crew, if you'd prefer to be offstage!) for our first Shakespeare in the Park production, Much Ado About Nothing, to be performed in August. Actors of all experience, background, race, gender, and station welcome. The cast will range between ten and fifteen, with roles divided or doubled as necessary. Character descriptions can be found here.  

In lieu of a traditional audition process, this event will be a "round-table" casting call, where we will gather together in the park, read the script through, popcorning between roles, and discuss and assign parts collectively together after the readthrough. 

The readthrough will take place on  June 10th on 2:00 pm in Bronson Park in Kalamazoo, MI. Snacks and beverages will be provided. 

Please forward any further questions about the casting call to

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