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In addition to our print publications, The Dionysian Public Library also hosts live events, including d.i.y. music shows and theatrical performances around Kalamazoo, MI. As we expand, we hope to be able to spread out and host events in more locations. 

No Exit

The Dionysian Public Library proudly presents their debut play, a new production of Jean-Paul Sartre's existentialist classic, No Exit. This will be a fully staged script-in-hand performance, unabridged, based on the translation by Paul Bowles.

The play follows the story of three damned souls, Garcin, Estelle, and Inez, who find themselves in a hell of their own making. One by one they are led into a room, with no windows, only walls, three ottomans, and each other—forever. No Exit asks important questions about how we see each other, how we hurt one another, and how we find the possibility of freedom when we find ourselves closed in.

The show will be performed in two locations on separate dates in Kalamazoo, MI:

3/25 @ The Hellhole

$5 suggested donation. Message (810) 355-4824 for the address.

3/26 @ The Bernhard Center Basement Stage

Free. Located in the basement of the Bernhard Student Center on campus at Western Michigan University.

See you in hell.

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