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Welcome to the Dionysian Public Library.

Welcome, traveler, and well met. We are the Dionysian Public Library, a roving theatre collective and interdisciplinary advocacy movement for the essential role served by the arts in building healthy, full-bodied community. Adopting the principles and aesthetics of Maenadism, the Library is based in a modern syncretic interpretation of the Orphic tradition. Though undergirded by both this spiritual philosophy and an anarchist feminist academic framework, the Library is not itself dogmatic and welcomes the contributions of a diverse range of perspectives. Our work is loosely organized on along eight guiding arguments, called the Maenadic Principles:

1. Bread & Roses for all. 

2. Art, culture, and information belong to the People, and information technology exists to serve the People.

3. Institutions may patronize art, culture, and information, but only the People may take ownership of their production.

4. We do not abide guns or bombs within the Library, and question their use without.

5. The Land is alive, we are of Her, and She may not be owned or tamed, merely communed with.

6. Play and party hard but play and party with grace, curiosity, and dignity. 

7. No human being is illegal or belongs in a cage, and no one beyond redemption who seeks it.

8. The greatest lesson there is to learn is love and be loved in return, and Creation is love in action.

Further elaboration on these tenets may be found here

The Library itself a metaphysical space and state of mind, distributed across two wings: The Auditorium, producing live events and accessible through standard physical reality, and The Archive, producing published materials and only accessible through imaginary means. 

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