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x/y: a junk drawer of trans voices originated in 2018, and ran for a total of eight issues before going on hiatus, with a special issue released in February 2020 at MBLGTACC. Now, the project has been resurrected under the banner of The Dionysian Public Library, fully rebooted and revitalized in a new biannual form and starting from a new Issue #1. x/y is a platform for trans and gender-nonconforming artists to share their writing and artwork, with each issue based around a specific theme. Issues are released in the spring and autumn of each year.

The second issue of the rebooted zine, "knowledge & mystery", is now available and features work from Callie Jennings, Bob McNeil, Cosmic Gardener, Mildred Faintly, Mave Goren, Aiko Magen, Jack Kehoe, Autumn Barkley, & Kelsey Kessler.

x.y: issue #2, "knowledge & mystery"

SKU: 0006
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