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x/y: a junk drawer of trans voices originated in 2018, and ran for a total of eight issues before going on hiatus, with a special issue released in February 2020 at MBLGTACC. Now, the project has been resurrected under the banner of The Dionysian Public Library, fully rebooted and revitalized in a new biannual form and starting from a new Issue #1. x/y is a platform for trans and gender-nonconforming artists to share their writing and artwork, with each issue based around a specific theme. Issues are released at the end of March and September.

The first issue of the rebooted zine, "Resurrection", is now available and features work from Casey Vieira, Maura Tracy, Scarlett C. Mueller, Jay Sykes, Oliver Kiry, Laika Wallace, Tyler Champion, and Breanna Claire, with cover art by Adrien Darling and edited by v.f. thompson and S.J. Quinn.

x/y: issue #1, "Resurrection"

SKU: 0004
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