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For our second anthology, we were given the honor to partner with Western Michigan University's Office for Sustainability to print and produce Propagate: Fruits from the Garden, available to read online now for free and to preorder here for release later this summer. The book features poetry, nonfiction, and other work exploring ecological themes and our relationship to the land. Including the work of thirty-three creatives and edited by Ju Collins, Fritz Dries, and v.f. thompson, Propagate is both a battle cry and a love letter to the Earth, a grenade thrown in the face of Armageddon.

With the contributions of Tricia Knoll, Kostandi, Paul Hilding, Claire Thyne, Keiraj M. Gillis, Diane Funston, J. J. Stewart, William Doreski, Kathy Pon,Cassandra Caverhill, Robert Witmer, Svetlana Litvinchuk, John Winfield Hoppin, Katie Bausler, Irena Kaçi, Lawrence Winkler, Kiki Adams, J.J. Carey, Karen Pierce Gonzalez, Kushal Poddar, Zander Lyvers, Gurupreet Khalsa, Phyllis Green, Emery Pearson, Ivars Balkits, Lisa Lahey, Lori Litchman, Claudia Althoen, Didi Aphra, Skye Rozario Steinhagen, Zach Murphy, Daniel P. Stokes, & Emily Bright.


*PREORDER* Propagate: Fruits from the Garden

SKU: 1010
Expected to ship to the US in July and Canada in August.
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