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... and see that the booth is not empty after all, but that a woman sits behind the broken glass, her face as pale as a pond in winter and her lips beetle red. she takes a brochure and offers it offers it to you. It reads:


The Dionysian Public Library is a roving theatre collective dedicated to crafting a better world through the power of radical storytelling and communication across ideological polarities in the interest of dialogue and amelioration of social malady. Adopting the semiotic trappings of Maenadism, the Library shares stories through print media and live performance in the interest of Divine Inspiration, an Orphic mission and zealous dedication to cross-cultural pollination, interfaith communion, and a relentless dedication to the healing rt of Story.  

In a world of metaversal singularity, the DPL offers a vision of multiplicity and possibility, straddling the shimmering boundary between digital and analogue, static and dynamic, fluid and solid body: Life is meant to flow like Wine, and the structure of Poetry, Meter, and Verse are like the chemical bonds that make up a loaf of Bread—and like Bread, those bonds turn to sugar on the on the tongue. Regardless of your Path, your Creed, or your Identity, you are welcome in these hallowed halls. If all the World is a stage, then this collective stands stage left, holding a flower aloft hopefully in the face of an encroaching cultural disintegration.

The Library exists within two wings:

To your stage left you will find Material Wing or, The Auditorium, where live events occur, & to your stage right The Immaterial Wing or, The Archive, where printed works play out in the theatre of the mind. We bid you explore each, and hope you find yourself a fancy that fits your palette. 

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