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The Dionysian Public Library is thrilled (and chilled) to present our first anthology, Trans Rites: An Anthology of Genderfucked Horror, for publication in print and digital. This collection features a bazaar of eleven bizarre tales of transition and transformation, beastliness and becoming: A bloody rebirth in the woods. A deadly game of consumption and corruption. A scientist putting the pieces of himself together. A patient becoming more and more like the china dolls she admires. A room with no exit except oblivion. A museum in a town renowned for its cryptids. These terrors and more await within.

To embody transness is to change shape, to become something else. The theorist Judith Butler refers to the construction of gender as a process of ritual and naturalization. Hear our screams, our howls, our primal gibbering, our moonlight dances and our bleeding guts.

This collection features the following stories, as well as lyrics and poetry from folk musician Skeleton Drive (Dillon Rae Oliver)

  • Birthday Suit by Lennox Rex
  • Fresh Meat by Thea Maeve
  • Death Taught Me How to Live by Alicia Hilton
  • Seen by Ju Collins
  • The Moss Witch of the Cascade Mountains by Mave Goren
  • Wolformation by Michelle Jacklyn Miller
  • Fly by Madeleine Varley
  • Figs for Thistles by E. B. Novetti
  • Bleed For Your Wishes by R.S. Saha
  • Frozen Charlotte by Mildred Faintly
  • Dr. Frankenstein Dabbles in Self-Discovery by C.C. Rayne

Trans Rites: An Anthology of Genderfucked Horror

SKU: 0007
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